The Garden Centre

In the Garden Centre we have a wide range of trees, plants and garden related products at competitive prices. We also offer an ordering service, so if you can’t find what you are looking for we can always order it for you and it should be in stock within a week. Our varied stock includes:

Shrubs, Hedging, Bamboo and grasses

Shrubs, Hedging, Bamboo and grasses

Shrubs, hedging and trees provide structure for the garden and come in many different forms and sizes.

We stock a large variety including the more unusual and can order anything requested at very competitive prices.

Ornamental and Fruit Trees

The main season for our Ornamental and fruit trees is from November – April. Trees are sold bare root at this time of year. We also have a large stock of trees in containers which are available throughout the year.

Please visit our online shop to see a list of the trees we have available

We also have a large range of Olive trees available - click here to access our database.



Roses grow extremely well in this region and we have a large selection in stock to suit all tastes. We are also stockists of “David Austin Roses” in this region with a large range of classic English roses available.

We also stock ancient varieties of French roses, climbers and shrub roses as well as miniatures, climbers, ramblers and standard roses with prices to suit all budgets.

Citrus & Palms

Citrus and Palms

There is a wide variety of citrus and palms that grow very well in this region. Most will survive quite happily outside, but some will need some protection in our cold winters.

We have a choice of Citrus trees up to 2.5m high including:

  • Lemon trees
  • Orange trees
  • Kumquots
  • Lime trees
  • Grapefruit trees
  • Manderin Trees

Click here for a list of the palms and exotic plants we have in stock.

Bedding and Herbaceous

Bedding and Herbaceous

During the Spring and Summer we hold a large stock of:

  • bedding plants
  • hanging baskets
  • strawberries
  • vegetables
  • herbaceous plants

Tools & Accessories

Tools and Accessories

We stock good choice of quality Hand tools and accessories including:

  • Spades, forks, rakes, shovels, hoes
  • Secateurs, pruning saws, loppers
  • Hoses and sprinklers
  • Geotextile (weed suppressant fabric)
  • Composters
  • Railway sleepers
  • Tree ties
  • Tree protectors
  • Stakes
  • Bamboo canes

Fertiliser, Chemicals & Compost

In order to keep your plants looking healthy it is necessary to plant in a good compost and feed from time to time. We have a range of composts for all planting situations and we can advise you on the best composts to use and when to feed your plants (if necessary).

We also stock a range of chemicals to help with pests and diseases which will occur from time to time.

Pots & Planters

Pots and Planters

We have a range of Pots, plants and hanging baskets in various sizes and styles including:

  • Wired hanging baskets and brackets
  • Plastic pots and planters
  • Terracotta and ceramic pots
  • Resin pots and planters
  • Herb and strawberry planters
  • Wooden planters

Gifts & Cards at Petits Luxes

Gifts and Cards

Petits Luxes is a Gift shop withing the Gadren Centre that stocks a range of gifts and cards to suit all tastes and budgets including:

  • Quality cards for all occasions
  • Gardening gift sets
  • Mugs
  • Photo frames
  • Windchimes
  • Incense
  • Candles
  • Room Fragrancers
  • Bird tables

And if you don’t know what to give, then why not give someone a gift voucher?

Delivery & Planting

We offer a delivery service for larger quantities and bulkier plants – prices are available on request depending on size and distance.

We can also offer you a free quotation to supply, deliver and plant your choice of plants.


If you would like to order a particular plant that we don’t have in stock or would like to order a large quantity of plants, then we are happy to take your orders.

Orders can usually be available within 7 days (or sometimes quicker).


If you require advice on developing and managing your land or estate, we can offer a consultancy service based on an hourly rate which can be either a one-off visit or a series of visits of several months or years.

A consultation price starts from 50 euros for 1 hour.