Landscaping & Garden Design

We offer a comprehensive Landscaping and Garden Design service. Click to see examples of some of our Landscaping projects..

Kingdom Végétal ~ Landscaping and Garden Design


We have experienced and skilled staff, professional tools and equipment available to offer a wide range of landscaping services including the following.

Hard Landscaping

Including terraces, patios, walls, fencing, pergolas, rockeries, decking etc.

Soft Landscaping

Planting and sourcing of trees and shrubs appropriate for your individual needs, seeding of lawns and wild flowers.

Water Gardens

We can realise a full range of water gardens including ponds, lakes, bog gardens, swimming ponds, revitalising mars, fountains and water features.

Tree and Woodland Management

Including thinning of trees, brush cutting, replanting schedule etc.

Garden Design

We can discuss your requirements to produce scaled working plants to suit all budgets. With the help of our sophisticated computer package we can give you an impression of how your garden will look once the work has been completed.

Planting Schemes

We can provide you with a planting scheme taking into consideration soil, climate, aspect, colour and texture.

Maintenance Plans

We can provide you with a written report on how to take care of your garden (watering, pruning etc) for you or your gardener to follow.


If you require advice on developing your land or estate, we can offer you a consultancy service based on an hourly rate, which can be either a single visit or several visits depending on your needs. Prices start for 50 € for a 1 hour consultation within a 20km radius of Boulogne sur Gesse.