Olives, Palms & Specimen Plants

We specialise in sourcing palm trees and specimen plants, including different conifer trees. The examples below are indicative of the types of trees that we sell. We also stock Cycas revuluta, Washingtonia and other palms and a range of other conifers including Cypress, Pines and Thujas available in several sizes. Please contact us for a current stock list or growing guide. To see specific trees and plants that we have in stock, please see:

Olea europea

Olea europea
Olive trees originate from the Mediterranean but grow very well in South West France and are hardy to at least -12˚C maybe more when correctly planted and sited. We have a wide range of beautiful olive trees, large palms and other specimen trees that can give an instant maturity to your garden. We also offer a delivery and planting service.
Butia capitata
One of the most beautiful of all palms. Cold hardy to -10 or -12˚C but protect from persistant cold west winds and improve wet soils. Very slow growing, with long blue/green leaves.
Chamaerops humilis
Very hardy palm, and of all the palms the one that grows the most Northerly naturally. Tolerant of temperatures down to -15˚C or lower once established. A slow growing bushy palm eventually reaching 1m or so high, although mature specimens can reach over 2m high.
Phoenix canariensis
Highly ornamental, will tolerate temperatures down to -10˚C to -12˚C or lower, but not for extended periods. Young plants should be protected in winter.
Trachycarpus Fortunei (Chusan or Windmill Palm)
One of the most cold resistant of all palms, tolerating temperatures of -15˚C to -20˚C once established. WIll grow up to 10m high on a single trunk.
Trithrinax campestris (Blue needle Palm)
A very slow growing multi trunked palm. Tolerant of cold weather and heavy frosts as well as strong winds and blazing heat. The most drought tolerant of all palms once established. Once established will withstand temperatures as low as -15˚C, but will not tolerate winter wet.
Abies concolor
The Colorado Fir will evetually make a large conifer. It has blue needles which produce a while hue particularly in cold weather. A beautiful tall ornamental.
Abies Koreana
The Korean Fir is a small highly ornamental evergreen conifer. Will produce purple/blue cones when only 1-2m high.
Abies magnifica
The Red Fir will eventually make a magnificent large conifer similar to the Noble Fir. Suitable for large gardens.
Abies nobilis
Aptly named, the noble fir is a handsome tree throughout its life. Shining bluish-green in colour with large cones up to 20cm long.
Abies nordmanniana
The alternative Christmas tree, favoured for its attractive dark foliage, which doesn’t drop readily and is soft to the touch. Will eventually grow into a tall stately evergreen.
Abies pinsapo
The Spanish Fir is a medium sized conifer unique in appearance as the needles are arranged in whorls, completely surrounding the branches. Very dark green and conical shape when young.
Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle)
Truly beautiful specimen, eventually becoming a large upright tree, with dark green leaves and sweeping branches.
Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’
Cedrus is a group of large ornamental stately conifers. We always have a wide range of Cedars in stock including: Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’, Cedrus lebanii, Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’, Cedrus deodora
Picea omorika
The Serbian Spruce is a highly prized ornamental tree for large gardens. Easy to grow ats it has the ability to grow on a wide range of soils.
Picea pungens glauca
The Colorade Blue Spruce is a medium sized conifer, and one of the best ‘true blue’ spruces. Has both excellent colour and tight conical shape.
Picea pungens ‘Hoopsii’
Beautiful silver, blue foliage all year. A small to eventually medium sized conifer suitable for any ordinary garden soil.
Sequoiadendron giganteum
The giant redwood is the tallest tree in the world, possible of exceeding well over 50m. A beautiful tree with thick spongy red bark and dark green foliage.